Magento 1. End of Era

Best time to migrate to Magento 2 is now!

Magento 1 End of Life finally dawned upon us on July 30, '20. With no support for Magento 1 versions, there can be a panic among store owners. But not if you choose the Magento 2 Migration Service for professional help in migrating the Magento 1 store to the latest Magento 2.4.4 version. Get the Magento migration service for top-notch security and performance.

The Optimal Choice - Magento 2 Migration Service

Magento 1 has been in the E-commerce market for over 10 years and a preferable choice for merchants to develop their online business. However, with this last tweet of Magento 1 EOL, it was clear by Adobe, one more time, that the support ended on June 30,'20.

If you are still on Magento 1, you have to deal with:

  • Compromised security
  • No third-party extensions support
  • Lack of technical support
  • Lack behind in the competition
  • No bug fixes
  • No theme support
  • Very few agencies offering Magento 1 experts

As a Magento 1 store owner, continuing with Magento 1 platform means you are allowing your store to be a prey of malware attacks, credit card data hacks, and even technical disruption.

And hence, time to migrate is now!

Additionally, payment providers like Visa are making it compulsory to migrate to Magento 2 for certifying your store as PCI DSS compliant. Continuing with Magento 1 makes your store vulnerable to potential security threats which do not satisfy the official standards. Also, the customers' trust can be earned only with 100% security assurance of their data!

Magento released the latest Magento 2.4.4 version on April 12, 2022. Your Magento 1 store can be migrated to the latest Magento 2 version to leverage the benefits like:

  • Support for Elasticsearch 7.16 and OpenSearch 1.2
  • Support for the latest version of PHP 8.1
  • PWA Studio v.12.3.0 supported by the latest Adobe Commerce 2.4.4.
  • Page builder in Magento 2.4.4 now supports adding alt texts for images
  • GraphQL enhancements and performance improvements
  • Fixes to hundreds of known issues for better performance

If your full-fledged store is on Magento 1 platform for a while now, migrating to Magento 2 ain't easy.

You need to look out for security while simultaneously carry out data, theme, and extension migration. Professional help can save you from such a hectic task. We offer Magento migration service that includes a stepwise process guaranteeing no data loss, 100% security, and almost zero downtime migration process by certified Magento 2 developers!

Magento 2 Migration is not a mere upgrade or migrate process, but should be considered as project rebuild or a fresh project where you will face substantial framework differences from Magento 1. It is recommended to take expert's help in reviewing and rewriting the custom code, finding the compatible version of existing extensions or developing them.

We hold a record of migrating over 200 stores successfully and yours could be the next to be ready for leveraging the awesome benefits of the latest Magento 2 version!

What Is The Worth Of Magento 2 Migration?


Better Admin

Cleaner admin panel with easy functionalities & ability for customization

Php 7.x

Improvements & security fix for better store performance



38% faster checkout to reduce cart abandonment rate



Built-in full page caching for faster loading pages


Bundled minified

Optimized & reduced client's side browser operations



Responsive templates contribute to mobile friendliness

Consequences of not migrating the store to the latest Magento 2 version:

  • The store may become unstable
  • The existing extensions' functionality may disrupt
  • Difficulty in finding Magento 1 experts/developers
  • Stores won't get the PCI DSS compliance certificate
  • Data can be compromised due to lack of security
  • Not get the competitive edge due to the lack of features that the latest version offer by default.

Magento 2 Migration Flow

Our Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Process



Get the admin credentials and create a staging store



Migrate to the latest Magento 2 version and bug fixes



Vigourous testing and quality assurance



Magento 2 store going live!

Why Choose Us for Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration


Certified Magento 2 Developers

Professional help from Magento certified experts in the field to leave no room for errors


200+ Stores Migrated

Record of migrating more than 200 stores to latest Magento 2 with 100% satisfaction


Quick Delivery

Your Magento 2 store will be up and running in 3-5 business days of the order placed


6 Months Warranty

Providing 6 months warranty for any issues related to the migration


Zero Downtime

Intact current sales in the store with almost zero downtime


No Data Loss

Guaranteed Magento 2 migration service with no data loss


100% Secure

Trustworthy migration service keeping security as a prime concern


Years of






Client Satisfaction


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Let's Talk

Feel free to contact us to discuss the migration process of your store and device a plan that results in uninterrupted business performance.

What does our Magento 2 Migration Service comprises of and what not?

  • Migrating store database that includes orders, products, customers, configuration and settings and content
  • All the indexed store pages along with the SEO values
  • Attributes, categories, products
  • Products' & services' reviews and ratings
  • Sales data such as order quotes, invoices, shipments, credit memos, shopping cart rules, and coupons
  • Tax rules and catalog rules
  • Delta data migration
  • Fix database issues faced during the Magento 2 migration process
  • Theme Migration
  • Third Party extension compatibility and customization
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